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What is Sunomono?

Need a side dish to go with your sushi? When you’re at our Bellevue sushi restaurant, grab a bowl of sunomono! You’re sure to find the refreshing taste a welcome complement to the stronger flavors that come with many of our other menu items. The word “sunomono” applies to a
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There is No Spoon

Ever wondered about how a traditional Japanese diner would consume soup? When you dine at our Bellevue sushi restaurant, try embracing the full cultural experience by taking your soup the Japanese way! The fact is that Japan spent a lot of its time developing its culinary
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Tonkatsu: and Early Piece of Japanese Fusion

Are you bringing a Japanese-food first-timer with you to our Bellevue Japanese restaurant? Try recommending a classic tonkatsu dish. Even for the least adventurous of Western diners, this well-loved pork cutlet is a surefire thumbs-up. Many find it to be one of Japan’s mo
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