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Busting The Myth About The Freshest Sashimi

What is Freshest Raw Fish? Many sushi and sashimi diners who love raw fish, not necessarily connoisseurs, think that if the dish they’re eating smells as fresh as the ocean it came from, they’re dining on fish just off the boat. Actually, not so. Raw fish, especially in the
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Japan’s Favorite Thick Noodles: Yakisoba

Knowing Healthy Yakisoba The name “yakisoba” translates to “fried buckwheat noodles” in Japanese, and the dish is one of Japan’s favorite and iconic foods. It is extremely popular beyond Japanese shores – from restaurants to supermarkets. Thanks to the multi-million giant,
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Healthy Shrimp: What Matters Is the Cooking Method

Counting Calories and Fat Content Shrimp is one of America’s favorite seafood. They are low in fat and calories and have a relatively neutral flavor that makes them a natural addition to salads, pastas, soups and stir-fried dishes.However, shrimp have a bad reputation for high
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The Cuttlefish: A Smart Delicacy That’s Not A Fish

A Close Cousin to The Octopus and The Squid Cuttlefish are related to the octopus and the squid and characterized by a thick internal calcified shell called the cuttlebone, however, they are soft-bodied. Approximately 100 species are known, ranging between 2.5 and 90 cm (1 to 35
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Mackerel: A Nutritious Storehouse of A Fish

A Highly Recommended Fish When your doctor recommends you a fatty fish diet to enhance your cardiovascular health, it will do you good to take it seriously. In fact, the American Heart Association actually recommends including at least two servings of fatty fish in your weekly
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